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James Rostance

CEO, WOW Video Production

James specialises in producing video marketing campaigns for B2B businesses to attract loyal clients at scale through social media.

He is the creator of the process known as expert Expert Value Marketing®,  the process used by marketers to market B2B through social media.

  • Three time published author
  • BBC & ITV
  • Media commentator & contributor
  • Presenter of THE 414


James Rostance - Video Director
Crowdfunding Video – Boulder Shack BTS 3
James Rostance Directing
Crowdfunding Video – ASTF BTS - 6

Having previously worked for the BBC, James is an accomplished broadcast television producer.

With a deep understanding of the technical and quality standards involved in production, he rigorously applies this experience from broadcast television to the productions he produces for clients.

His 20 years in the field means he has complete command over what is required to deliver first-class projects on time and within budget.

James is the author of The Executive’s Guide To Successfully Commissioning Video Productions, which is the leading publication for marketers and company executives aimed at helping others successfully navigate the video production process.

The book is available through Amazon, Blackwell, Waterstones, WHSmith and all good book retailers. Click HERE for more information.

Today, James specialises in producing videos for B2B businesses to out market their competitors.

B2B Podcast Show Host

James Rostance with Darren Altman
James Rostance with Yvonne Deegan
James Rostance with Kevin Anderson
James Rostance with Maria Noel Reyes

James presents the UK’s #1 B2B marketing podcast, The 414.

It’s produced as a LinkedIn Live show where viewers hear from some of the greatest and most interesting minds in B2B marketing.

The LinkedIn Live platform also allows for live Q&As from the audience to be put to the experts and answered.

The show is also distributed as a video podcast and audio podcast.

Educator & Public Speaker

James Rostance - Video Production Masterclass Picture
James Rostance - University of Southampton Lecture
James Rostance
James Rostance - Business Show Lecture

WOW Video Production has close working relationships with Solent University, University of Portsmouth and Bournemouth University for providing work experience opportunities for students.

As part of that James also hosts extra curricular ‘Video Production Masterclasses’ to share advanced level production skills, invaluable real world knowledge as well as live practical demonstrations.

Video marketing along with the techniques and technology which accompany it are evolving at an ever increasing rate.

James presents at conferences and exhibitions with content rich presentations to give audiences a concise and comprehensive education on the most valuable and latest concepts.

Media Commentator & Contributor

Sky News - James Rostance
Sky News - James Rostance 2
Funded Magazine - James Rostance
Funded Magazine 2 - James Rostance

Sky News at 7 featured James and the team as part of a lead story on the creative industry.

For the story, Sky News documented the team in action during a production for a client as well as an interview on the increase in business that the creative and marketing sector had been experiencing.

James is a contributor to FundEd magazine, a leading print and online magazine for the crowdfunding industry.

The knowledge he shares covers production techniques, equipment discussion as well as strategy and implementation for high performing crowdfunding campaigns.


Book - Executive's Guide
Book - Trade Show Blueprint

The Executive’s Guide To: Successfully Commissioning Video Productions

ISBN: 0956435424
RRP £12.99

The number one book for business owners and marketing professionals who are setting about having a video produced.

It gives the reader a comprehensive knowledge on the production process, empowering them to successfully manage the production to ensure their desired outcome.

Exhibition and Trade Show : BLUEPRINT

ISBN: 0956435416
RRP £11.99

A comprehensive guide for marketing professionals to plan for and execute a successful trade show exhibition stand.

It lays out a step-by-step approach for the preparation of resources, logistics, strategies and sales conversion.

The Insider’s Guide To: Exhibition Success

ISBN: 0956435408
RRP £21.99

A guide which reveals and explains the approach and strategies used by the most successful exhibitors at trade shows and exhibitions.

It is structured to pique the interest of the reader by highlighting insights which they may not already be a party to, but their value will become instantly apparent and hopefully acted upon.


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Three time published author in video production and marketing, WOW Video Production CEO, James Rostance.

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