4K Ultra HD Is The Best Picture Quality To Date

4K Ultra HD is the greatest improvement in picture quality since HD was introduced.

The picture quality is four times greater than regular HD which is the old picture standard that 4K is replacing.

With the increase in picture quality that it offers, anything produced in regular HD will soon look incredibly dated just as TV programmes from the 90’s look dated compared to modern TV shows.

4K Ultra HD Video Camera

The grey scale graphic illustrates the difference in picture size.

Do I Need An Ultra HD 4K TV?

It’s a common misconception that you need a 4K TV to be able to watch 4K video content. Whilst it’s true that provides the best opportunity.

The fact it’s filmed in 4K means better picture quality on whatever screen it is viewed on.

4K Ultra HD Comparison

How Is 4k Video Filmed & Produced?

Filming in 4K is done by using the latest cameras available. Whilst these cameras do come at a premium to buy, forward thinking video production companies have been quick to identify the advantages of upgrading equipment sooner rather than later.

Production companies who have made the upgrade are able to offer their clients far superior looking video marketing than their competitors can.

The sweetener for clients in most cases lies in the fact that video production companies upgrade their equipment periodically anyway which means that there shouldn’t be a premium associated with having the benefit of the latest equipment being used for their production.

Sony make the world’s best cameras and pictured below is our main Sony F55 4K Ultra HD camera.

Sony F55 4K Ultra HD camera

To fully appreciate the truly beautiful pictures which 4K productions can deliver you have to of course see for yourself, take a moment to view the video below.

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