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B2B Education Videos

An entire course of videos which delivers high value industry expertise.

  • Presented by the company MD reading her script from a teleprompter
  • 14 videos (plus social media teaser video)
  • Free course to be given away to attract & nurture ideal target clients
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Sarah Travell, MD, Virgate Accounts

The Brief

Arguably, the best way to demonstrate your authority in a subject is by sharing high-level expertise that will provide recognisable value to your target customer.

Or put another way, if you can help your target customer do any of the following…

  • Make more money
  • Save money
  • Improve efficiency
  • Make life easier
  • Stop doing undesirable activities
  • Avoid pain
  • Avoid penalty or prosecution

And many more, as part of your first proper interaction with them, it creates an unbeatable first-impression.

Sarah Travell is the MD of Virgate Accounts who specialise in accounting for the hospitality trade.

As true specialists in the field, they are able to help clients save and make more money at a much greater level than regular accounts are able to.

The challenge however, was how to deliver expertise which would provide instantly recognisable and highly desirable value to busy restaurant owners.

Of all the things a restaurant owner has to do on a daily basis, switching accountants is almost certainly not on that list.

However… our solution was in creating a free course in which Sarah shared her most effective ways in which restaurants can increase profits and minimise costs.

The course is designed to be share on social media in both regular and paid advertising, as well as at trade events and direct marketing.

The concept is often referred to as a lead magnet, and a magnet it is.

It fully delivers on the promise to target customers for them to increase their profits as well as cutting costs.

What it also does is perfectly position Sarah and her team as stand-out experts in their field.

The video course includes a clear and compelling Call To Action to take up a free consultation to take the next step in making a real difference to their bottom line… something which they are at that point, acutely aware that Sarah can deliver upon.

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