4K Ultra HD will soon replace HD. But what does the equipment look like, and what does a professional video shoot look like behind the scenes? At a little over £60,000 with lenses, the camera itself is a very cool looking piece of kit.

Of course it’s not just the camera itself that’s needed to do a good job, it’s also the hard working and talented crew members.

[av_hr class=’short’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’left’]

On set for this shoot we have:

  • DoP – Director of Photography
  • Producer
  • Autocue Operator (providing the presenter’s script in front of the camera)
  • Makeup & hair artist
  • Camera assistant
  • Production assistant (key focus on Health & Safety management)
  • Foreign language monitoring assistants (x3)

Given that we were filming in the very early hours at a 24hr casino, potentially with customers wandering who had been drinking. A dedicated crew member to make sure cables were laid correctly and guests kept clear of equipment was essential.

Because we were producing the same video in EnglishMandarinArabic and Russian. Native speaking foreign language assistants were also necessary to ensure the presenters delivered their lines properly.

Finally, to give the production all-important ‘money shots’ – you can see a Libec 50 Jib Arm being used.

It’s an excellent piece of kit which delivers great moving shots, and helps to show off what is a very smart looking casino.

You can see the finished video on our website: https://wowvideoproduction.co.uk/video-production-examples/

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