TV Commercial Production 1

As a video production company based just outside of London, we are a lot more competitive for tv commercial production than agencies within the M25. We’ve just finished producing this tv commercial for a leading farming product manufacturer. Working closely with their marketing department we ultimately came up with a strong testimonial driven advert, delivered by their brand ambassador; Gareth Wynn Jones. Competing manufacturers have previously produced similar pieces, however the content of their testimonials were by comparison incredibly weak. Our client now has a very specific, benefit driven testimonial commercial, and those benefits are backed up as the advert progresses.

The final secret sauce was to make it visually stand out against other farming product TV adverts.

We set out to produce an advert that had a cinematic look and feel, and aimed to make the most of the fact that it would be filmed in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales.

In a refreshing change to most adverts, this one treats the viewer to a series of glorious great outdoor shots, and shots which are long enough for them to actually appreciate.

With only 40″ seconds to play with, we were careful to make sure just the right amount of shots actually featured the product.

The end result is a fantastic looking advert which does an equally sterling job of giving the viewer compelling reasons to use the product.