With video demand for video from clients growing at an ever increasing rate, as an agency you need to have a solid video production offering. Without one, you risk losing clients to agencies who do.

Fortunately, WOW Video Production offer a complete video production service which is fully tailored to suit the needs of Marketing and PR agencies. The service is a one-of-a-kind in the UK, where by the everything can be provided under your agency’s branding.

This includes everything from the detailed project proposals which are produced on your behalf, to the film crews themselves in your agency branded clothing. The production and distribution of the clothing is also all taken care of.

With 54 camera crews across the UK at your disposal, you will in turn be able to offer a true nationwide video production service to your clients.

Perhaps best of all, the set up of this service is currently free to qualifying agencies and there are no ongoing costs either. You can read full details about the service and apply from here:  http://wowvp.uk/partner