Why You Should Avoid Animated Whiteboard Corporate Marketing Videos

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White board animations were incredibly engaging when they first came out and for a good while after. However, they are now so over used in budget marketing videos that the ‘wow this is new’ factor which was responsible for locking in viewers’ attention to begin with is now long gone and so to is their captivating effect.

Why Video Testimonials Are Almost As Powerful As Personal Recommendations

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Businesses crave to communicate authenticity and sincerity in their marketing endeavours. The reason for that is to engender trust and respect from potential customers.

As with most things, there is usually a blindingly simple way to do which you are after.

Why Newspaper Paywalls Are Great For Savvy PR & Marketing Agencies

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The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun now operate online paywalls for readers.
The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph are also set to implement the same later in the year.

But this is great for PR and Marketing agencies if they are prepared to go that little bit further.

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