Need A Crowdfunding Video?

Crowdfunding Video Success Secrets Webinar

Do you need to have a video produced for your crowdfunding raise?

If you are, this concise and content rich webinar could make a MASSIVE difference to the overall success of your fund raise.

It will teach you everything you need to know about what goes into highly successful crowdfunding videos that not only meet, but massively exceed their funding target.

What You Will Learn

  • The key concept of your product’s value proposition and how to present it
  • How your video needs to be positioned and how you should communicate features & benefits
  • The secret of effective scriptwriting for a sales video (AKA a crowdfunding video)
  • Formulas for sales video script writing
  • How to use video with even greater effect to win over potential investors
  • Rules for when to, and when not to use animation in your video
  • How to arrange to pay for your crowd funding video after your fundraise

Duration: 30 Minutes
Host: James Rostance

James is a three time published author in video production and marketing and is currently one of the UK’s foremost experts in crowdfunding video production. He writes for crowdfunding publications and is a professional commentator for national television news on both the industry and practice of crowdfunding.

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