Music is not the only choice of audio for a video. A custom prepared audio score can do wonders in terms of locking in a viewer’s attention to your video marketing and getting them to feel specific emotions such as excitement or suspense.

Sound design rarely gets the credit it deserves and that’s also the reason why it’s one of the best kept secret weapons of elite video producers.

Sound Mixing Console

The problem with music on its own is that depending on the viewer’s own personal tastes, it has the potential to distract their attention away from that which they are supposed to be watching or the message that they are supposed to be receiving.

Now this is not to say that music does not have its place, far from it. But certain video marketing projects will benefit much more from a custom audio score than music.

Part of the skill in directing a production is in determining what the best approach is.

It’s worth mentioning that a video production can of course benefit from both music and a custom sound design at the same time, and that may even include music which has been specially composed for the production.

In conclusion, of the many techniques available to improve the overall production values of video marketing and increase its effectiveness, sound design is one element which the discerning Executive Producer (you, the client) should give serious consideration to.

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