8K LED Screen Manufacturer Demo

8K HDR demonstration video for display on screens at the manufacturer’s exhibition stand

  • 8K HDR
  • Timelapse filming
  • High-end colour grading
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The Brief

The client needed 8K demo footage to show on their 8K video walls.

The challenge was to do it within a budget that wouldn’t allow for sending a full film crew to exotic locations across the world.

The needs for a screen demonstration video are:

  • High contrast scenes
  • High colour saturation
  • Notable variety in individual scene colours

The solution we delivered was to source 8K time-lapse footage.

Filming in 8K requires the very best, latest and most expensive cameras there are.

But time-lapse footage can be filmed on high-end stills cameras.

This creative approach to getting the job done meant that we were able to deliver the project within this difficult restriction – budget.

With the source footage acquired, it then needed to be colour graded.

Colour grading in 8K HDR (High Dynamic Range) means that you have to use a state-of-the-art grading facility.

Our colour grading facility partners with their custom studio and 8K HDR monitors graded the footage perfectly.

And the finished 2’54 piece was an impressive 80Gb.

There really is a lot to be said for being creative from a project management view for how you can leverage efficiencies and conceive realistic and deliverable work-arounds to challenges.

If you have something similar and you’d like to make your budget go much further than you’d otherwise be able… give us a call!

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