B2B Social Media Education Videos

A series of videos featuring a psychologist providing expert comment on the client’s field of business and the challenges faced by customers.

  • 6 social media videos (plus two service explainer videos)
  • Topic expert with company CEO
  • Sharable social content talking about the problem the client solves
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Anna Stileman, Marketing Manager, Localz

The Brief

Creating engaging and sharable B2B social media content can be a challenge, especially when the temptation is to focus on your product or service.

The winning formula with B2B social content is to provide value by educating on the problem that you help solve.

Before becoming a client, a potential client is interested or concerned with the problem or need that they face. This is why providing education on that, rather than jumping straight to talking about your product or service works so incredibly well.

Localz provides state-of-the-art delivery tracking capabilities for companies to provide end-users with.

This series of social media videos focused on the findings of a report which the company had commissioned that looked into the problems which end-users encounter in waiting for deliveries.

To bring the findings to life and to give them a news-worthy element of presentation, a media trained psychologist was brought on board to give professional comment alongside the company CEO.

The concept really brought to life the study and its findings, which in turn made first class, highly sharable and engaging B2B social media marketing videos.

A total of 8 videos were produced for the project.

Six featuring the psychologist and CEO talking about the findings for social content.

The other two focused purely on how the product works, and were designed to be watched after the social videos to leverage interest and initiate sales enquires.

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