Biomass Plant Investment Video

A video designed for updating investors as well as serving as a PR tool for local communities.

  • Scripted for the client
  • Investment & PR video
  • Beautiful aerial drone filming
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“It was great working with you, you made it a lot easier than I was expecting”

Geoff Hoffheinz, Technical Manager, Glennmont Partners

The Brief

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant is a state of the art Biomass power plant and it is the product of an investment portfolio piece from Glennmont Partners who are one of Europe’s leading green energy investment firms.

The client wanted a video that would serve two purposes:

  • To update investors of the fund
  • To serve as a PR tool for the local community

The plant and the technologies it employs are complex, and the challenge we faced was to communicate everything the client wanted in such a way that was easy to understand but without over simplifying.

We consulted in gret detail with the client to fully understand the plant, its processes and the technology used.

After we had acquired that knowledge we then set about writing the script for client.

Fuel for the plant comes from local farers within a 30 mile radius and it was clear that by far the most engaging way of showing this was through professional aerial drone filming.

We spent a day aerial drone filming with the farmers and a second day at the plant.

Finally, our ground filming team gathered all the action footage inside the plant in a single day’s filming.

The end result is something which the client is extremely happy with, performing incredibly well in both its intended applications.

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How It Was Made

A behind the scenes video for how we filmed at the Biomass plant.

Without compromising crew safety we were able to get a wide range of fantastic shots to help tell the story.

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