Cruise Ship – Crew Safety Video

A stylish and engaging crew safety video designed to maximise understanding and absorption of safety information.

  • Ideal for non-native English speakers
  • Concise, conversational script
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Daniel Mann, Risk, Assurance and Safety Manager, Saga

The Brief

The crew safety video is an integral part of a ship’s safety training policy.

One of the biggest challenges you are up against is to account for the fact that most of the audience do not speak English as as first language.

It’s very easy to slip into using terms which native English speakers are used to or instinctively know what they mean.

But this has to be avoided at all cost because any chance for a misunderstanding…. (case and point, ‘ambiguity’ would be a word which I  would normally use).

But if your choice of language means that the audience might not have a crystal clear understanding on what they need to do, and how they should respond could result in a serious accident or worse.

So, the script is very much at the centre of the entire production.

With the style of language firmly in place, the other important factor is to have a clear structure for:

  • What order you cover the safety information
  • How you cover each safety point
  • What context to give it
  • Where to add focus and emphasis

A safety video is in a way a sales video, because it has a very clear outcome that needs to be delivered.

And that is, crew members MUST fully understand everything that you cover and explain.

There cannot be anything left out or anything other than clearly explained.

Finally, in a bid to make the video as watchable as possible, its best filmed with style, with an element of a movie-like quality to it.

This safety video is part of Saga’s safety policy of ‘Beyond Compliance’, going above and beyond what regulation requires and as with this  – getting specialists like ourselves to produce a notably more effective safety video for the ultimate benefit of crew and passengers alike.

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