Cruise Ship Passenger Safety Video

A stylish and authentic cruise ship passenger safety video. Designed to talk directly to the viewer for maximum effectiveness.

  • Conversational scripting
  • Professional model / presenter
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Daniel Mann, Risk, Assurance and Safety Manager, Saga

The Brief

If you think about it, supposing you’ve just joined a cruise ship for a holiday, watching a safety information film is going to be far from the top of your list of things you’d like to do.

And that’s where the first major challenge lay from a production point of view…

Ship safety is a serious matter, and as a video producer you stand to fail in your assignment if the audience doesn’t watch, absorb or retain the information which they need to know.

Because our specialism is in marketing videos, that expertise proved incredibly useful in successfully getting viewers to actually watch the safety video.

In addition to that, scripting it in such a way that it flows beautifully, is easily understood and that there’s absolutely no room for confusion.

We knew that ‘lecturing’ the viewers on what they had to do in the case of an emergency would have a negative effect, and viewers would either switch off or just not pay attention. That was not an option and to be avoided at all costs.

To counter that, the concept we came up with was to purposefully avoid anything close to lecturing and instead take the most natural way possible of doing it…

And that was to have a real person, talking directly to you the viewer in a warm and conversational manner.

After all, that’s how real people talk.

Ok, so time for some trade secrets here…

We knew we had to do everything possible to maximise the likelihood of viewers in their cabins actually watching it.

To achieve this, we combined the concept of talking directly to the viewer along with having a particularly handsome actor doing it.

Saga’s target customer age range is 50+, so we searched for and contracted a presenter who for our liking represented their perfect ‘model’ customer.

Handsome, courteous, stylish, warm, friendly… exactly the type of person you’d meet on board.  And such is the beauty of cruising… it’s also exactly the type of person you’d be happy to share a drink with.

Throughout the video he talks you through everything you need to know, and explains it in the most natural manner possible.

All together the video is a perfect mix of on-brand communication as (it was very well received by the marketing dept), well as a highly effective safety information film.

Arguably the best part of producing this video was in knowing that we had succeeded in producing something which customers would actually watch, and what we taught them would crucially get understood and retained.

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