Exhibition Stand Marketing Video

On brand video content for play back on a trade show and exhibition stand.

A excellent example of how video can be used to provide a fantastic looking backdrop.

  • Designed for exhibition stand
  • No sound
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“The colours look fantastic, and the whole piece is exactly as I’d wanted. Thank you.”

Charlie Cane, Account Manager, AUK

The Brief

Westfield Health needed a looped video to play on their custom built exhibition stand.

The stand had been designed as such that the video would be part of the set, though not the primary point of focus.

The concept was that it effortlessly dramatise their central proposition: ‘Welcome to a new dawn in corporate healthcare’.

Delivering this involved choosing a variety of stock footage shots which would show workers staring their days fresh.

For this type of project, choosing from footage which had already been filmed (stock footage) is more cost effective as well as being quicker to produce.

After having chosen the footage and in turn the client signing off on the concept, the edit was straight forward, but the real skill was in the process known as colour grading.

Colour grading allowed us to:

  • Give a warm, early morning aesthetic to all shots
  • Make each shot look as if they were shot as part of the same project

Different stock footage clips can vary widely and can easily look like a mish mash of randomly collated footage.

Having been attended to in our DaVinci Resolve colour grading suite, the end product looks like something which could have easily cost four times as much had it actually have been custom filmed.

Footage Before Colour Grading

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