Industrial Sensor Sales Videos

A stylish and benefit driven sales videos for an industrial sensor. Featuring high-end studio product filming along with stock footage.

  • Benefit driven scripting
  • Studio product filming
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Michelle Errington, Marketing Manager, Gill Sensors & Controls

The Brief

Quite often in engineering and manufacturing, components are regarded as ‘unsexy’ and are viewed purely in a functional capacity.

But Gill Sensors & Controls make world-leading sensor equipment, and the accuracy and reliability of their products massively separate them from their competitors.

Having consulted with them in detail about the real-world benefits and protection which their sensors provide, it was clear that we needed to be bold and very much proud of the product’s offering.

Engineers are real people too, and they are not robots as they are often treated when it comes to sales.

This is why we scripted the videos in a way which talked directly to the viewer, directly to the engineer about their concerns and their needs.

Throughout the videos we focused entirely on why they would want and benefit from in choosing a Gill Sensors & Controls part.

The ultimate goal was to do two things…

The first, to educate them about how this product would help them achieve excellence and accuracy in what they do.

But also, to feel good about choosing a product which is reliable to the core, because engineers get great pleasure in making well informed choices when carrying out their role.

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