Medical Equipment Marketing

Marketing video for an industry-leading sterility testing unit.

  • Make-shift studio at client’s warehouse
  • Heavily benefit focused script writing
  • Custom 3D animation to show configuration options
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Jason Merrill, Global Marketing Manager, Bioquell

The Brief

Most medical equipment marketing videos are dull!

They focus entirely on features and specifications.

But the thing is… manufacturers put A LOT of research and work into their products.

Bioquell are a great example… their QUBE sterility testing unit is an incredibly well developed product, so much so, that it’s significantly better in many areas than competing products .

With a medical equipment video you ultimately want your prospective customer to understand in detail WHY your product is the perfect match for their wants, needs and specifications.

The secret in producing this video was to focus on how it would help technicians and lab operators.

Features tell, but benefits sell!

We consulted in great detail with Bioquell’s marketing and technical team to get a thorough understanding of every feature and detail of the unit and product range.

The process was centred around a relaxed, yet highly structured question and answer interview process.

This works brilliantly for clients as all they need to do is answer questions in their specific area of expertise, and that’s something which they do day in and day out.

After several pre-production interviews we took care of producing the entire script and storyboard.

This meant that the client only needed to suggest minor script changes for complete technical accuracy.

Because the units are built on demand we built a temporary studio in the client’s warehouse.

To demonstrate the various configuration options we also produced photo-realistic 3D animation of the units.

The finished video performs exceptionally well as a sales tool because it connects with the viewer (potential customer), in focusing entirely on how it would help them and their team in doing what they do.

Medical buyers are real people too…

And if you have a great product, you have a duty to make sure that your target audience understands, appreciates and gets excited about how it could help them!

Behind The Scenes

Filming the video on location in the client’s warehouse to avoid any risk of damage to the unit in transit.

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