Renewable Energy Wind Farm Video

Another portfolio wind farm video for Glennmont Partners:

  • Documenting the build of their latest project
  • Successfully & safely produced during COVID lock down
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“It was great working with you, you made it a lot easier than I was expecting”

Geoff Hoffheinz, Technical Manager, Glennmont Partners

The Brief

Glennmont Partners wanted to document the build process of this massive wind farm project in northern Finland.

The remote location raises a huge number of technical and safety challenges which Glennmont have an unparalleled track record in successfully managing.

The video was scripted to highlight the fact that they have the perfect blend of expertise and robust procedures in place to reliably deliver the project.

Investors and trade media are all too often given dull lecture style videos which in truth, rarely get watched all the way through.

So the secret was to script the the wind farm video in a natural conversational style so that it tells the story of the development but also subtly weaves in coverage of Glennmont’s core strengths and unique differentiators.

Everything is better when a little style is applied, and wind farm investment videos are no different.

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In projects like this where there are 3rd party contractors involved, clients very much appreciate a great deal of flexibility on our part to get things done.

The video was needed for Glennmont to present in future investment fund pitch meetings to demonstrate not just their success, but to elegantly communicate all of the factors, resources and skills involved in delivering strong and stable returns for investors.

Our production team has an excellent technical and investment literacy, which is one of the reasons why writing the script for the client went so smoothly.

Click below to see the previous videos we produced for them in the renewable energy sector:

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