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Website education videos to help guide prospective customers along the buying journey towards making an informed purchase decision

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Christine Baxter, MD, Gold Edge Training

The Brief

As a marketer you have to go all-out to clearly communicate the value you offer if your product is complex and significant expenditure is involved.

The great thing is that B2B buyers are driven to make informed purchase decisions, so they want to undertake solid product research.

That in turn means all you have to do (in a manner of speaking) is to provide prospective customers with well produced, clear and compelling educational material.

After all, if you give you buyers what they want without asking… you’ll start from a very strong position.

Gold Edge Training are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of accountancy training and they understood perfectly the need to explain their range of product offerings in a clear and compelling fashion.

They also were acutely aware that their target customers, like many, don’t want to be sold to.

When you have a quality product you don’t need to sell.

You can instead, arguably, have a great time going into detail about the problems or challenges your customers are likely to face and educate them on the range of facts which go into making an informed decision.

Talking about the customer journey process is also another key area which prospective customers want to know about.

To take care of all of this, we produced a set of four sales process videos which do an excellent job of handling all of those points.

For the client we took care of everything:

  • Video conceptualisation
  • Presenter search and shortlist
  • Script writing
  • Studio filming
  • Editing

The reason why we were able to ultimately produce a set of videos which worked so well in their chosen application was because we spent a great deal of time learning about and understanding:

  • The client’s business
  • Their customers
  • Their market place
  • Their competitors

Marketing videos are sales tools and you have to have a first class level of understanding about that which you are helping to sell.

B2C videos are often judged purely on how nice they look, but in B2B… how effective the videos are in delivering a specific outcome or set of KPIs is what counts.

If that’s something you’re after… then please do get in contact through the form or telephone number below.

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