Launch Giveaway:
Five Facebook Live Broadcast Packages

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Facebook Live is the hottest social media platform right now because of the levels of engagement it offers and because Facebook pushes all live content to the top of users’ feeds!

But the challenge that publishers, brands and agencies are each struggling to master is the presentation and technical delivery of a quality Facebook Live event.

Here is what you’ll commonly see happening:

  • iPhone on a tripod
  • Badly framed picture
  • Static single shot
  • Low picture quality caused by a poor data connection
  • Poor sound
  • Stifled content

All of which is pretty embarrassing when you consider that most teenage Youtube stars regularly put out videos with higher production standards which they make themselves.

Also worth considering is that Facebook users are used to the production standards demonstrated by those Youtube stars, which means you simply cannot with any shred of credibility put out something which is of a lesser standard.

The Solution – Our Facebook Live Service

Done properly, a Facebook Live event is somewhere between a regular television outside broadcast and a corporate video production.

Almost all our crew have previously worked in television and marketing video production is what we do on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s a break down of our service:

  • Thorough pre-production work to ensure quality of output and broadcast success
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Packages start from: Single man crew with two cameras
  • Packages rising to: Multiple camera operators with stabilisation devices
  • Live aerial drone coverage (1 to 2 live drones)
  • Polecam (for live aerial shots where drones are not permitted)
  • High quality microphones & radio mics
  • Professional lighting
  • 4K camera equipment
  • Smart branded film crews
  • Robust data connection equipment to ensure high picture quality and no drop out
  • On screen graphics
  • Professional presenters (if required)

The Giveaway

You’ve undoubtably already got several ideas for how you could use this….

So, to launch our new service we are as mentioned just giving away the first five packages.

“Why the give away?”, is a fair question, and the honest answer is to publicise it whilst at the same time ending up with five incredible case studies.

Because they will be flagship case studies with which to market in the future we will go all-out in delivering the very best live events possible.

How To Enter

If you would like to take us up on the offer for your company or for a client, all you have to do is connect with James Rostance, WOW Video Production CEO on LinkedIn and send him a message about the event you have in mind.  To connect on LinkedIn click HERE

As you probably know, it’s all about speed of implementation… we’re fired up to get this launched in a big way, and if you’ve got the inclination to just make things happen and give it a try… then get in contact!

If you have any questions what so ever, or would like to chat further about the service you can reach us on 0800 862 0515.

Please note, this is a selective giveaway and not a competition – we will choose winners based on which events will have the most impact and marketability. Winners will be chosen over the next 2 weeks and announced on James’ LinkedIn feed and on our Facebook page.