How To Choose The Right Video Production Company For Your Needs

When commissioning a video production, choosing the best company for your needs is arguably the most important decision to get right.

It’s crucial because the success of the project will ultimately depend on that company’s skill and ability to deliver exactly what you require.

At face value, video production companies each offer the same product. However, this is not necessarily the case. Depending on the video, there will be a variety of factors which determine whether or not it will be an overall success.

Examples of which include:

  • The video’s ability to influence the audience to follow a desired line of thought
  • The video’s ability to persuade the target audience to take a desired course of action
  • How favourably your product, service or business is ultimately perceived by the target audience after having watched the video
  • The video’s ability to successfully communicate key principles or information. In addition to that, the video that they ultimately produce must communicate:
    • Succinctly
    • In a style that the target audience will best respond to
    • By avoiding the use of unexplained technical jargon
    • By explaining new ideas, concepts and technical features in such away that the target audience will be able to appreciate and comprehend.

That list is by no means exhaustive. But as you can see, the successful production of a video relies on a lot more than just a series of nicely filmed pictures.

The Showreel

A video show reel of previous productions is commonly the main marketing tool which video production companies use to attract new business. And for most executives, seeing a nice series of video clips in quick succession is an effective convincer.

However, for the more discerning buyer, this is where the task of selecting the right production company becomes a challenge.

This is because the work which is actually responsible for making a successful video is largely carried out in the pre-production process.

Video show reels are typically designed to dazzle and impress, rather than to demonstrate quality of content. Because you can’t assess anything other than how they look, this is precisely why they cannot be used as a reliable indicator as to whether or not they have the capabilities to produce a video for you which will perform exactly as you need it to.

Because no two projects are ever the same, your video project will be unique. So this is why the Producer that you add to your shortlist will have to carry out a detailed consultation.

Discounting Lazy Contenders

With a wealth of production companies to choose from, you should discount anyone who doesn’t make the effort to consult with you properly on the full scope of your project, and in turn deliver a detailed, custom written video production project proposal.

They should be discounted simply because it can be taken as indicative of their approach of dealing with you as a client and the way they will handle your project. Put another way, if you’re treated as just another project and given the bare minimum amount of attention before they’ve won your business – it will be more of the same if you go ahead and select them.

All together, you should not only be looking to appoint an expert in the field of video production, but someone who will share the same level of commitment in wanting to do everything possible to make sure your video is a success.

The Consultation

During an initial consultation you need to be sure that your needs are listened to first and foremost. Following on from that, that you need to be sure that you are offered considered advice after they find out what your needs, goals and objectives are.

Another thing which you will need to be confident about is that the production company in question has the personnel, skill and ability to deliver your project to the standard you need, and within the time frame you specify.

You can verify this by asking:

  • Who will be working on your project?
  • How are they qualified to work on the project?
  • What previous examples of similar work have they produced?
  • How will they manage the delivery of the project?

Ultimately, the video production proposal that you are presented with should be a confirmation of everything you have discussed during your consultation as well as providing further elaboration on key points where appropriate.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever, or you would like further input, you must request clarification, and a good Producer will not mind this in the slightest.

With your budget and reputation on the line, this is why you absolutely need to be 100% confident in your decision of which production company to appoint and partner with.

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