Colour grading is arguably the most exciting piece of post-production work as part of the corporate video production process.

We are all used to seeing cinema films and appreciate them for how ‘movie-like’ and filmic they look.  It’s often hard to break down why a movie looks so much better than a run of the mill corporate video production, and as you’ll now learn… the process of colour grading is instrumental in that.

Corporate Video Color GradingCorporate Video Color GradingCorporate Video Color Grading

Colour grading is a process where by every single shot in a video is adjusted to first make sure that they are consistent in terms of exposure, brightness, contrast.  The next step is for the colour grading artist to stylise each scene or the video as a whole.

There is no reason why a corporate video production shouldn’t take advantage of these processes. Even better, if your competitors have not invested in a quality colour grade it gives you the perfect opportunity to make your company or product stand out.

Grading Comparisons

Take a look at these before and after images of video footage before and after grading.

As you can see the difference is astounding and can lend your corporate marketing video the competitive edge.

Corporate Video Color Grading 1
Corporate Video Color Grading 2
Corporate Video Color Grading 3
Corporate Video Color Grading 4
Corporate Video Color Grading 5
Corporate Video Color Grading 6
Corporate Video Color Grading 7
Corporate Video Color Grading 8

As you can see, a professionally colour graded corporate video truly does provide a highly polished finished product.

A quality video production company will include colour grading as part of its standard video production process, just as we do.