Small to mid size marketing agencies are currently in an excellent position the profit from the biggest online growth area since website design.

The product is video, and the opportunity is two-fold…
First, it involves you servicing your client’s ever increasing demand for video.

But second, it’s possible for you to offer a video production service in-house service without any capital investment.

While most video production companies insist on stamping their name on productions in a bid to build their own brand. There are some video production companies which will allow you to fully brand the video production service as your own.

It’s called white label video production.

Rather than have a salaried production team with equipment, based in your office.

Instead you have a dedicated producer who works remotely.

By arrangement, a remote video producer can have a dedicated telephone line with a number similar to your own. And email communication is done via an address such as

During pre-production meetings or on the day of filming, the producer or film crew would introduce and present as members of your company. To add further finesse to presentation, crews can also be dressed in clothing carrying your company’s banding.

All matters of video production are dealt with by your white label video production partner.
And any financial or contractual matters are referred to yourself as their account manager.

What this means is that you do not have to be a video expert by any means. Once you have your production partner in place, as soon as you get an enquiry, you can pass it though to your ‘in house expert’.

The producer will then work out with your client what it is they need. Once that is established, a proposal is then prepared and forwarded to yourself which you can then present to your client.

The proposal is prepared in your full company branding and it will contain the following:

  • Unique selling points of the video production service
  • Expertise of the crew selected
  • Clear options for production
  • Timescales for delivery
  • Links to view relevant example videos (unbranded)

The only input that you will need to provide will of course be for pricing.
You can either work on a percentage of the job total, or elect to include your own pricing.

Attracting new customers takes time, effort and money. However increasing existing client spend is far easier.

Especially if it’s a product which they will buy from someone else anyway. In which case, given your existing relationship – they might as well buy their video from you.

With 54 camera crews across nationwide across the UK, we provide a fully tailored white label video production service.

To find out more on how you could offer video to your clients, please do give us a call or click here to apply and request further details:

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