Kickstarter Video Hits £25k Target Within 3 Days of Campaign

Smartwatch Kickstarter Crowdfunding Video

After having worked incredibly closely with the team behind Cronovo and helping them develop their entire pitch, it’s great to have heard that they reached their funding target within the first 3 days of the campaign running.

When they first came to us, whilst their product was a fantastic one with an insane amount of features, there was a considerable amount of work which needed doing to refine how they pitched it.

A common scenario, just as with this Kickstarter project is that there is a treasure chest of features which the product offers.

However… the skill is in determining which features should be focused on the most and crucially… how to position them in terms of benefit to the customer.

It might sound like a simple concept, but unless the viewer says in their mind “yes, this is for me”. Then you have work to do in your sales pitch.

Smartwatch Kickstarter Crowdfunding Video

What was missing before we came on board was an exact description of what it does and why people should care.

The big breakthrough we had was in coming up with the description for the product which is “An advanced personal health monitoring system”.

From there we helped craft the campaign and script the video in such a fashion that it was targeted to anyone who placed value on having their own health and fitness monitored 24/7.

The second breakthrough was in determining the value which someone might have in being able to have the health status of a loved one closely monitored 24/7.

If someone has elderly parents they can be notified by SMS or email that their monitored breathing and heart rate has deteriorated and requires urgent attention.

This is potentially a huge market for them and even though the watch already had the features to be able to do this, it was our input that was behind giving those features a real-world tangible benefit which will in turn have customers very much wanting the product because of what it can do for them.

There is a big difference between a video which shows what your product or service does, versus one which gives a knock-out sales pitch.

Regular video production companies simply don’t have the level of expertise in marketing and sales which we do.  If you have a Kickstarter Crowdfunding project then please do get in contact for a free consultation.

Below is the finished video, and here is the link to their Kickstarter funding page.