Sky News – Kickstarter Crowdfunding Video Feature

Sky News Filming Us

Sky News Filming Us, Filming A Kickstarter Video

The UK’s GDP grew 0.5% more than was forecast this quarter and the creative industry was one of the two key drivers of that growth.

Marketing service providers like ourselves are spearheading that growth and with increased demand for our work, it’s a very good indicator of businesses across the country experiencing growth.

Sky News’ flagship evening programme Sky News Tonight came to speak with us to find out more on the work we’re doing for clients and the growth we’ve experienced over the last 12 months.

On the day when they joined us we were in the middle of filming a Kickstarter Crowdfunding video for an excellent new product called Cronovo… It’s an advanced personal heath monitoring system smart watch which amongst many other things, can warn you in advance of an impending stroke or heart attack.

Because marketing videos is our field of expertise, this is why Kickstarter and Crowdfunding video clients are seeking our support with their projects.

Below is a video of the report: