So What Has Stonehenge Got To Do With Online Video Marketing Strategies You Ask?

Sat in our office on this rainy Monday we took a break from our usual tasks of video editing and pre-production work to further broaden our cultural insight. We stumbled upon this rather excellent piece on the man who bought Stonehenge and then gave it away exactly 100 years ago today and thought what better way to tie in something topical and create our next blog post on video marketing…

The story in a nutshell is a man called Cecil Chubb bought Stonehenge, on a whim, for just £6,600 at auction exactly 100 years ago today. A few years later he then gave it up in to public ownership and received a title of “Sir Cecil Chubb, First Baronet of Stonehenge” from the then prime minister.

If you think of your businesses website as like the county of Wiltshire, then putting the right online content on it is akin to having your very own Stonehenge. The right content will engage and encourage visitors and also encourage sharing off site as well – Importantly, video right now is the fastest growing trend for internet marketeers and early adopters as always are reaping the rewards of their endeavours!

What Does Your Online Marketing Strategy and Stonehenge Have in Common?]

Why Is Video Marketing Such a Growing Trend?

As internet speeds and connections increase, the ability to serve rich and engaging content quickly and easily is growing. The internet in general is all about user experience, you need to offer what the visitor is looking for, or at least something so interesting and engaging that you trigger the desire to read or watch on…

As always as marketeers become better at what they do the longer they do. Website content is now heavily optimised far beyond just page layouts and headlines. Being able to captivate and engage with your visitors is becoming harder as everyone does the same thing and standing out becomes harder.

This is now why many visitors are switching to online video marketing. You are not constrained by physical website design, with video you can offer anything you like and tailor your approach to match your market. You are also providing a fully unique experience on your website – your video can follow corporate guidelines or be produced for a target audience.

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Viral Videos Can Drive Traffic & Brand Values

Just like the reputation of Stonehenge brings millions of visitors a year, the right video can drive significant traffic to your website, or even be designed to be shared on others, all the while promoting your brand or product. The businesses that truly understand internet marketing know the power that video can bring and it is why we are commissioned to produce some great comedy and viral videos.

The power of YouTube as a search engine is also growing year on year and is something that no company can ignore. Videos designed specifically for YouTube viewing are also now appearing alongside traditional Google searches, and are gaining increasing numbers of clicks, especially on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Why not head over to our portfolio of video production work to view more of our examples…

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