Subtitles greatly increase the potential audience reach of video marketing by including foreign language speakers, persons hard of hearing or deaf as well as viewers without the opportunity to clearly hear sound.

Subtitling Video Marketing

Youtube has long promoted the facility to subtitle videos and providing subtitles simply requires the uploading of a specially formatted file.

Automatic subtitling is currently not good enough to provide consistent and accurate results, as such subtitling work needs to be done manually with the aid of a piece of subtitling software.

There are two key factors which a subtitler takes into account whilst subtitling a video:

  • That just right amount of text on screen at anyone time
  • That they don’t run too far ahead of the dialogue which is being heard

Closed Captioning is an alternative to subtitles. Subtitles are restricted to simply displaying what is being said.

Closed Captions on the other hand include both that which is being spoken but it also includes full descriptions of sounds, music and other incidental audio cues.

The other advantage which providing subtitles has is by demonstrating full compliance with the UK Disability Discrimination act which sets out a requirement for published materials to be accessible by all.  Whilst it would be highly unlikely to be prosecuted for not having subtitles, it also serves as an excellent opportunity for forward thinking organisations to present themselves as such.