I’m probably not going to make myself very popular amongst other video producers by sharing what I’m about to share with you.

Whilst corporate video production is an art form to a degree, there’s a widely held belief that productions have to be drawn-out affairs in order to excel as good video.

Now, I’m not saying that productions should be rushed through and quality control disregarded.  But with a fresh approach to production. Videos which once took a fortnight can now be done within 24hrs, and others which took 6 weeks can now realistically be done in 2.

Smart use of technology and allocation of resources are the keys to rapidly speeding up the production process, without compromising quality.

Preparing for a production in terms of crating concepts, scriptwriting and filming arrangements all take time. Especially when there are several parties involved, this can make communication and incredibly drawn out affair.



A single point of communication in the form of an online project management system is integral to making this process as efficient as possible.

Ideas, scripts, graphics and videos can all be previewed, commented upon and approved by senior project members.

The next key is in the efficient use of resources. Why get involved with the expense and extra complications of sending a video crew miles to travel to a location, when it would be far better to use a crew local to where ever the filming needs to take place.

The third and final key to producing video quickly and efficiently is that as soon as the material is filmed, one of two things happens.

Either footage is edited on site with a mobile edit suite.

Or, footage is sent back to the production house digitally within hours for editing to then begin.

Voice overs and graphics can all be prepared in advance of the shoot, or as soon as the booking is made.  Which means editing is truly the final part of the process.

The video can soon after be previewed through the online project management system. At which point any changes can be requested, implemented and the finished piece be delivered.

The driving motivation behind everything is the desire to deliver a finished product for a client much sooner than later.

So as you can now appreciate, just because the video production process has been rapidly been speeded up. That doesn’t meant the quality has to suffer.



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