Unicorns are hot right now! It’s one of the latest crazes which has been going for some time and only seems to be getting stronger.

Up until now, as a company, we’ve specialised purely in marketing videos. But recently I took the decision for us to diversify into online retail.

The reason for that is because the future of online retail will be fully driven by video content, which of course is our core specialism.


Choosing A Concept

The first step was to set up a fully functioning and trading online store. After a good bit of initial research out of several lead ideas, I decided to settle on products which I knew would be fun to market as well as for customers to buy.

So the store is principally a specialised T Shirt store which focuses on designs which can only be described as epic, and the flagship prouduct is a near life size unicorn costume which you would wear to parties.


Conceptualising The Video

It’s my belief that just about any product can be made fun or at least the marketing of it can be. If you get that right, then you fully open the doors to have a highly shareable and hopefully viral video on your hands.

Ok, I’ll grant you that a unicorn costume is a fun thing to begin with. But it needed a theme and a way of showing just how much fun it would be if you, the viewer, bought one.

And here’s the finished piece…

[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/238739789″]

To see the product in more detail or buy one, here’s the link; http://wowvp.uk/unicorn-marketing


Key Points To Take Note Of:

  • Using the header to engage & encourage interaction
  • Designing the border to stand out against other videos in the feed
  • Use of slow motion for style as well as allowing the viewer time to really appreciate the product and imagine what it would be like for them to be using it

It’s early days so far, but the combination of having a solid video which is purposefully designed to get Facebook users involving their friends is proving to be a winning idea.

‘Click if you like’ calls to action in videos work, but what we’ve done here is go one step further and given the viewer a fun reason to tag and involve their friends. Also, that activity is entirely based around actually buying the product!

Behind the scenes we’ve got a Facebook and Instagram advert re-targeting campaign that we’re running and managing. The re-targeting campaign is currently driving the most sales and at very little cost.


Making The Video

Making the video was fun, a two shoot in all and here’s a Behind The Scenes video for the studio day of filming:

[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/238954052″]

If you would like help in producing a product marketing video, or if you would like assistance in setting up an e-commerce operation please do feel free to contact me.