If your customers need something explaining, and if you can do that for them quickly with the minimal amount of fuss… they will thank you for it.

If any instructions that you provide result in repetitive customers service enquiries.

Then there is an opportunity for you to serve your customers better, and reduce the strain on staff and costs involved by improving on those instructions.

Ok, I’ve a perfect example to share with you…

Gumshields are worn by hi-impact sports players to protect their teeth.

Gumshields.com provide kits by post for customers to take impressions of their mouth to produce custom moulded gumshields.

They found that even though each kit was supplied with an illustrated instruction sheet. People were still having trouble following an essentially very simply set of instructions.

The result of this was that almost one in every two customers had to be provided with a replacement moulding kit. And the cost of doing so was having a significant impact on their profit margins.



So the solution was to film a simple ‘this is how you do it’ video.

The video showed them first what they would have to do.

Then, in a second showing. Customers would simply follow in-time what was being shown on screen, as they did the same themselves.

As soon as the video was included with their home casting kits, requests for replacements plummeted.  And as a result, profits increased.

When you can make things easier for your customers and cut costs at the same time – everyone’s a winner. Particularly if you’re the one who identified the opportunity in the first place.

If you want to find a similar area for improvement in your business, a quick chat with your front line customer service team will inevitably identify just such an opportunity.

Spending just a few minutes looking for repetitive customer service enquiries or tasks, could be time incredibly well spent today.

Corporate video production for this type of application is very easy to arrange and significantly more affordable than it used to be.

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