Solicitor’s Marketing Video : Re-edit or Re-film?

Smartwatch Kickstarter Crowdfunding Video

Viewing habits are changing and in the last few years most of us watch videos on the go. In the last two years especially, our attention spans have gotten shorter.

So after having a chat with one of our clients, Hybrid Legal, we decided to bring the customer review video that we produced for them a couple of years ago up to date by shortening it to account for current viewing tastes.

Smartwatch Kickstarter Crowdfunding Video

The original video we created was packed with a series of very strong and specific recommendations from Hybrid’s clients, but it was just over three and a half minutes long.

Fortunately it was filmed in 4K Ultra HD, which is the highest quality video format currently available, so re-filming due to it looking dated wasn’t necessary.

After having taken a look, we decided that with a simple re-edit and shortening it in the process to around 90 seconds that it would give the video an entirely new lease of life.

Re-edited and remixed for 2017, here is Hybrid Legal’s customer review video.