Solicitor Marketing Videos – The Two Magic Ingredients

Solicitor Marketing Video

There are two magic ingredients for solicitor marketing videos which are essential if you want to use video to directly help win more clients.

And whilst precious few know what they are or use them, this is why you could gain significant competitive advantage.

The standard approach for law firms when it comes to video is to adopt a very corporate stance and centre around talking about in their own words why the firms believe they are  good at what they do.

The problem with that is that it does not truly connect with a viewer as it’s the equivalent of talking at someone instead of with them.

A key principle in marketing is that a person or potential client is fundamentally interested in what’s in it for them, so as a law firm your efforts should be focused on positioning yourself as the best choice to ultimately deliver the outcome they desire.

As such, the two magic ingredients for effective solicitor marketing videos are to:

  • Educate & position yourself as a trusted expert
  • Offer concise proof for the quality of your service

It’s easy to think that ‘traditional’ solicitor marketing videos already do that. The reason why they don’t however is because the focus is not on talking to the viewer from the perspective of their needs and what they are seeking.

Pryers Solicitiors - Screen Shot

Education Example:

We recently produced a series of client education videos for Pryers solicitors.

The concept behind them was to provide valuable insight and information for potential clients across a range of fields.

Subjects ranged from professional medical negligence during surgery, delayed diagnosis claims and dental claims.

Each video covered a very specific content topic, but as you can appreciate – a short video giving a solid overview and eligibility criteria for someone who has experienced negligence during surgery would be incredibly useful to them.

The strategy behind each of the videos was to feature them at the top of a dedicated website page on the company’s website.

There after, the video could be used as part of a paid social media video advertising campaign.

With the videos being positioned as education pieces each one had a soft yet concise call-to-action at the end in case the viewer would like further help.

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Proof Example:

Client testimonials are incredibly powerful and are the ultimate ‘proof’ element for any claim or service feature.

However, there is one technique which needs to be implemented if you are to get the most out of them.  And that is to reverse engineer answer topics into questions where you get your client to cover a specific benefit point to your service or outcome in their own words.

Having a client give a concise answer about a specific area of your expertise or practice is many, many times more effective than general broad-speaking endorsement for your firm.

As a team of professional marketeers and sales professionals we are experts in not just video production, but in the production of marketing videos which deliver results.

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