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The 414 - Available on iTunes, Apple Store & Google Play

THE 414 is a weekly show for professional marketers and business owners.

Each week it features a different expert in the field of marketing with a promise to deliver concise, and real educational value to viewers.

The show derives its name to show show’s runtime of 4 minutes and 14 seconds long, which is the optimal time for learning and absorbing short form educational video content.

The 414 stands apart from most business social media content because it contains no fluff or filler, just tightly packed content with a respect for the viewer’s time.

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  • Available on iTunes, Apple Podcast App, Google Play Store

The 414 is presented by James Rostance, industry expert and three-time published author in marketing and video production.

If you or a contact of yours has some great content or ideas to share, please connect with James Rostance on LinkedIn.

The audience are marketing professionals and business owners, and we can cover anything that would be of interest to them from a marketing prospective.

From technology to methodology, anything goes so long as it’s truly interesting and the person being interviewed is an expert in their own right.

There is no charge involved and we come to film on location.

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