On-line Video Marketing The Next Big Thing?

In the past six months you’ve probably heard at least one person tell you that online video marketing is the next big thing.

Though on-line video adverts are nothing new, they are no longer a novelty but an integral element in your on-line marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Tips

The adoption of video by top marketing strategists has been rapidly fuelled in recent years by the continued growth of mobile technology.

Next year mobile will eclipse other devices as the biggest means of consuming online video, accounting for 52.7% of views according to Zenith Optimedia’s 2015/16 forecast.

2016 will see more on-line video views via mobile devices than traditional desktops

Seeing as everyone else has now jumped on the bandwagon, you need to know how to make your video marketing stand out more than ever before.

Below are seven industry approved on-line video marketing tips you need to know to make sure that your strategy is a success.

Embrace New On-Line Media Outlets

Conventionally we all look to YouTube as the number one site for video hosting.

Whilst YouTube still maintains its precedence as the world’s second largest search engine, second only to Google, there’s also opportunity to make your content stand out on other platforms.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all been able to support video for a while, but now thanks to increasing mobile internet speeds video is more consumable on social media than ever before.

Concentrating your content on one platform can have its benefits, but embracing other outlets can help you to reach a new audience.

Since updating its video capabilities last year Facebook has been taking over a growing share of YouTube’s market, by offering advertisers the opportunity to pay for their ads to be displayed in users’ newsfeeds.

Carefully consider the platforms you are currently using to host your video, and whether there are any other outlets that would provide a better user experience for your audience.

Less Is More With On-Line Video Marketing

The smartphone generation are accustomed to having everything at their fingertips.

As a result you can count on even your target audience having a short attention span.

Get straight to the point. You’ve got a ten second window to pitch why your video is a must see. Fail to do this and viewers will simple move onto to the next thing.

Once you’ve got your viewers attention it’s important that you keep your message concise and to the point. Short form video is proving to be an increasingly popular tool to do this, as 61% of viewers will lose interest in a video after two minutes.

If you have a lot to say, consider breaking it into smaller more digestible chunks. You will receive far more engagement with five one minute videos than one five minute video.

Include A Call To Action In Your Video

Now that you’ve got your audience’s attention it’s important that you don’t waste it.

End your video with a call to action.

Drive the viewer towards your website, product or service with a simple explanation of how they can act on the information that you’ve just given them.

Converting viewers into customers is your top priority, so make sure that you provide a logical next step to follow that is well signposted, like a hyper-link through to the product page on your website.

Connect With Your Video Audience

When you’re busy keeping up with all the latest trends it can be easy to forget the essentials.

Identify with your customers.

Appeal to their emotions. The best ad campaigns create a direct association between a product or service, and the fulfilment of a specific desire.

There is simply no better medium to do this than video. A high-quality cinematic marketing video that carefully sculpts audio and visual elements can convey the emotion that text alone cannot.

Who’s Listening To Your On-Line Videos Audio?

Many users scroll social media with their phones set to silent.

It’s vital to consider whether the start of your video is able to convey information whilst the audience have their speakers turned off.

There are a number of ways to do this creatively, either with animated text on-screen, subtitles or striking visuals that do the talking for you.

By taking into account consumers’ habits you can ensure that none of your audience lose out on key information.

Create Video Newsletters

Videos are proven to be one of the best ways to encourage interaction with your marketing emails.

Simply including the word video in the subject of your marketing emails can boost open rates by 19% according to Syndacast.

Furthermore the same study stated that including videos in your emails can raise click through rates by 65%.

Having ‘opted in’ your email subscribers are some of your most engaged audience members, providing them with appealing video content can help retain their loyalty.

Offer A Unique Video Experience

Social media encourages sharing, exactly what you need to achieve the holy grail of going viral.

Using a focused approach that is tailored to the habits of users of different social media platforms can allow you to forge prosperous links with specific portions of your customer base.

For instance, you may decide that you want to use your Instagram account to display behind-scenes-footage of your company or brand at work, whilst using Twitter to host more informative tutorial videos about how to use your product.

A skilled production company can easily help you manage this strategy by repackaging video content for different outlets by producing a number of platform-specific edits.

Not only can this approach allow you to turn one video into many, but being able to delivering content that is relevant to a certain platform’s users can impress key influencers and vastly increase the likelihood of them reposting to their own followers.