Whilst it’s true there is no ‘magic bullet’ in terms of client acquisition.

There is one marketing technique which is more powerful than just about any other.

Yet it’s astonishingly underused because of several key misconceptions.

Customers have long sought the opinions of others before making a purchasing decision.

Online, the source of those opinions is in the form of reviews and testimonials.

The advantage which testimonials have over reviews, is that testimonials can be legitimately selected for presentation where they benefit you the most.

So let’s look at what makes them such an effective marketing tool.

  1. People want them, because they provide the experiences and opinions of others
  2. They are perceived as genuine
  3. Their authenticity makes them extremely convincing



Because users actively seek out reviews online, it makes absolute sense that you should provide them.

Now, the common misconceptions which deter companies from using testimonials are as follows:

  1. They think it looks cheesy
  2. That it would take a lot of work to organise
  3. That clients don’t want to be bothered with such requests

Whilst content should always be presented with style.  An honest account of how you helped a client could only ever work to your favour.

With a carefully prepared letter, the process of soliciting testimonials can in fact be done in one mailing.

And whilst not everyone would respond.  No one would take offence at a polite request for a testimonial if they received a positive outcome from your service.

So now let’s cover how to deliver these testimonials….


Having written testimonials should be your bare minimum.

However, large chunks of text on a website are not so appealing and stand every chance of simply not being read.

Quite the opposite is true of video.

Every week we are presented with further statistics on how video is the preferred medium for content online.

So if you give them the reviews they want in the form of video, you will hit a double-home.

The additional benefit, is that producing them is incredibly efficient.

The secret is to host a free luncheon or dinner to which you invite selected clients.

During the nominated afternoon or evening, clients are given the opportunity to share their experience on camera with an interviewer.

Recording them is quick and easy, and it’s very much a relaxed experience for the client with the aid of a professional interviewer.


Furthermore, by holding such an event, you can get all of the testimonials done right there, right then.

No additional chasing, or waiting for replies. Once the event is over, you will have your testimonials. Job done!

A side benefit which is also worth remembering, is that you will have a selection of preferred clients appreciative of the extra care and attention. After all, who doesn’t like to be thanked for being a client?

So whilst you now appreciate the ease in which you can produce these greatly underused, yet highly effective pieces of marketing collateral, there is still a danger.

And that is, you too will dismiss arranging them, because they are so simple to produce.

As mentioned the bear minimum you should commit to, is having written testimonials.

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Scroll down below to learn of a devastatingly effective improvement, which will help you dominate your competition in specific areas of practice.




The Devastatingly Effective Improvement To Video Testimonials That You Can Make To Dominate Specific Areas of Practice

The secret to doubling the power of video testimonials is when you get specific.

More to the point, when your customer gets specific.

Through carefully scripting interview questions, you can get customers to give very specific answers relating to a specific area of practice.

Let’s take for example, clinical negligence as a field that you are keen to develop.

We’ll assume that you already have a page on your website devoted to it .

But then, so too will your competitors, and most likely with similar content.

Which means it’s very difficult for a potential client to differentiate, and choose between you.

In order to stand out as their obvious choice, you need to clearly demonstrate that you are uniquely more qualified to represent them.

The way to do that, is by including a single, yet very specific customer testimonial on your clinical negligence web page.

The testimonial would feature a previous client who you successfully represented in a clinical negligence case.

Through carefully preparing questions, you would be able to communicate:

  • Everything that is important to winning a case
  • The lengths you went to on their behalf
  • Why the client was glad they chose you

The result will be a highly compelling piece of first-hand proof of your excellence in the field.

You will absolutely stand out as the expert, and therefore be their obvious natural choice for representation.


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