If your customers need to go through a sign up procedure, or there is some kind of process in using your website.

Then you could make your customers’ lives much easier if you had produced a simple show-and-tell video, either on its own or part of a series.

Just seeing what, as a website user we’re supposed to do or are likely to expect, can speed up the whole process. In the case of knowing what to expect in advance of using a service, this help reduces apprehension and buying resistance.

Fundamentally it’s all about making things easier for your customer.


Website Videos are a great way to engage with your on-line customers

This type of video is called a screencast, and it’s made of two things:

One: Live recorded video of a demonstration user’s desktop.

Two: A clear, well recorded audio voice over.

As you can appreciate, it’s far from the complexities of producing a 3D movie with surround sound.

It’s simply a quick and concise demonstration of how to use certain parts of your website, with a professional audio commentary.

Videos of this nature are typically between 30” to 2’00, depending on complexity.

And once you have them as a permanent resource, user experience will go up, and support enquiries will go down.

Corporate video production is the description given to these types of video.


Corporate Video, quickly produced to aid your brand or use of your company website

If your website could benefit from one of these videos.

We can produce them quickly and take care of the whole production for you.

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