Your front line sales staff are the best people in your company at selling your product or service. They know it inside and out, and crucially – they know how to sell it.

However, it’s rare for the expertise of those sales staff to be called upon when designing or re-designing a company website.

External professionals such as web designers and marketing companies can give excellent outside perspectives. But it’s your sales staff who truly know how to sell your product as they do that every day of the week.

When introducing and selling your company, they will cover why doing business with you could be good for a client. How you can help them, and a full range of benefits which your product or service offers.

Those presentations obviously work, and they’ve been refined over time.

So why not utilise the power of video to package their presentation for sharing on your website?




If you had a video version of your sale reps’ presentation, website visitors would be able to receive the perfect pitch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Converting a sales presentation into a video is a relatively straight forward process.

First a script is produced based on what the sales staff deliver on a daily basis anyway.

Next that script is recorded as a voice over – possibly with a personal on-camera introduction to start with.

The final step, is to then show that which is being talked about.

The script effectively gives you a shopping list of video footage that you need to acquire, or graphics to help illustrate what is being said.

It’s always easier to watch a video than it is to read text. This is why it’s the preferred medium for content delivery online by users.

Having a video version of your sales presentation is simply about increasing your chances of attracting and winning customers based on what you know to already work.

If your website can pitch to a visitor better than your competitors can, then you stand to be the victor.



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