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2307, 2018

Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies For Tech Firms [EPISODE 9]

James Rostance speaks with Paul Maher to find out which techniques and strategies are delivering incredible results in other sectors, and what he recommends marketers within the tech industry adopt if they want to crush their competitors.

705, 2018

THE 414 – Be Bold & Brave To Win Customers [EPISODE 3]

Size and spending power does not make you invincible in marketing. In this week’s episode we learn from a true expert who specialises in promoting challenger brands and leading them to steal valuable market share from large brands and market leaders.

3004, 2018

THE 414 – Could Influencer Marketing Be Perfect For Your Strategy? [EPISODE 2]

The case for today’s most organic and unbeatable form of marketing, Influencer Marketing. James Rostance speaks with Emilie Quinn, Head of Influencer Marketing at Wildfire Social to determine how Influencer Marketing can benefit, the secret to its power along with the correct approach for any influencer based campaign.

2203, 2018

If You Don’t Have Subtitles, You Don’t Have A Video

Historically, subtitles were for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as for people who were in the middle of learning English as an additional language. However, in recent times the use of mobile devices has changed all that.

1403, 2018

THE 414 – Show Launch & Guest Search

We are producing a new business show, and would like to hear from you, if you, or any of your contacts are marketing professionals with some great stories, insights, techniques or concepts to share. Speaking each week with the greatest minds in marketing, The 414 will quickly establish itself as one of the leading pieces of business social content online.