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1404, 2016

Video Production Service For Agencies

Introducing the most comprehensive outsourced 'in house' video production service for Marketing & PR agencies, with true nationwide coverage.

2001, 2016

Behind The Scenes – Casino Shoot

Here is a short video of us on location filming for Grosvenor Casinos. You'll notice we made good use of a camera jib to provide moving camera shots... it's a great piece of kit and we [...]

2711, 2015

How To Make Sure Your CEO Looks Good On Camera

"No one every got fired for buying IBM" is a marketing quote that's always made me smile. The same is no doubt true for helping make sure your CEO looks their best on camera… Here is a simple list of pointers that any video production company worth their salt will take of anyway, but here they are for your benefit...

3010, 2015

Behind The Scenes – TV Commercial Production

As a video production company based just outside of London, we are a lot more competitive for tv commercial production than agencies within the M25. We've just finished producing this tv commercial for a leading farming product [...]

2909, 2015

Cruise Ship Safety Training Video

Cruise Ship Safety Training Video [arve url="https://vimeo.com/151414465"] Cruise ship staff have to receive safety training every time they join a ship for a contract. Regardless of whether or not they have sailed on a particular [...]

809, 2015

Video Production Specialists

What Makes A Company "Video Production Specialists"? The first thing we want to consider is what do we mean by the term "specialists". It is obvious we are more than adept at video production, [...]

2408, 2015

Aerial Drones Are Taking Video Productions To New Heights

Professionally piloted aerial drone video filming can provide truly breath-taking footage for a video production. Not only is the cost significantly lower for video production companies than arranging a helicopter charter, but professional drones can film at lower altitudes, perform more complex manoeuvres and even film indoors.

2108, 2015

The 7 On-line Video Marketing Tips You Need To Know

In the past six months you’ve probably heard at least one person tell you that online video marketing is the next big thing. Though online video adverts are nothing new, they are no longer a novelty but an integral element in your online marketing strategy.

2108, 2015

Don’t Let Poor Sound Design Cheapen Your Video Marketing

Music is not the only choice of audio for a video. A custom prepared audio score can do wonders in terms of locking in a viewer’s attention and getting them to feel specific emotions such as excitement or suspense. Sound design rarely gets the credit it deserves and that’s also the reason why it’s one of the best kept secret weapons of elite video Producers.

1708, 2015

How To Make Your Corporate Video Production Look Cinematic

Colour grading is arguably the most exciting piece of post-production work as part of the video production process. We are all used to seeing cinema films and appreciate them for how ‘movie-like’ and filmic they look. It’s often hard to break down why a movie looks so much better than a run of the mill corporate video production, and as you’ll now learn… the process of colour grading is instrumental in that.

1608, 2015

Why You Should Avoid Animated Whiteboard Corporate Marketing Videos

White board animations were incredibly engaging when they first came out and for a good while after. However, they are now so over used in budget marketing videos that the ‘wow this is new’ factor which was responsible for locking in viewers’ attention to begin with is now long gone and so to is their captivating effect.

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