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1607, 2015

Safety Training Video Behind The Scenes

A look behind the scenes of us producing a safety training video for Saga cruises. Burning things, running, crawling and throwing life savers overboard... all in a day's filming really.

1205, 2015

New Scaffolding System Marketing Video

A superb example of how a product sales video should look. Not just because it's beautifully filmed, but because of the way it is heavily benefit driven so as to position the product in the viewer's eyes as the obvious choice for their needs.

605, 2015

Cruise Ship Safety Video – Location Visit

[rev_slider cruise2] On an incredibly windy day in Southampton, we went onboard the Saga Sapphire for a pre-production location visit on board. Location visits are essential in video productions where there is the scope [...]

1712, 2014

New: Video Project Management System

Our new video project management system is beautifully easy to use. It's also at the heart of ensuring the smooth running of a project, delivered to the highest possible standard, and on time.

2008, 2014

Behind The Scenes – Estate Agent Lampooning Video

Video & Pictures

Launch video for an alternative to Right Move, lampooning estate agents..

Flashy Audi RS5, bad parking and a super slick estate agent character all check.

Professional comedy scripting by a top circuit comedian.

2307, 2014

Behind The Scenes – Grosvenor Casinos

A busy week of locations shoots to produce an entire suite of videos for the UK’s leading casino operator.

25 videos in total, all filmed in 4K Ultra HD.

2305, 2014

The Hidden Cost of Underpriced Videos

As a Video Producer, pricing competitively is a skill.

Particularly if your focus is genuinely on producing a video for a client that will perform well in its given application.

There are four key factors which determine the quality and effectiveness of a video...

1301, 2014

Why you should avoid animated text videos and looking orange

Too much of anything can turn into a disaster. From fake tan to video production techniques, the principle is the same.

Animating text within a video is a technique. However the temptation to over-apply, just as with fake tan, has become somewhat of an epidemic.

801, 2014

What Does 4K Ultra HD Look Like?

You’ve probably heard of 4K Ultra HD, the next evolution in video quality. However, a common question is “what does it look like if I don’t have a Ultra HD TV?”.

Here is a piece we’ve just finished for Now Vauxhall motor group...

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