University of Southampton Video Production Masterclass

I’ve been invited by the University of Southampton to hold a Video Production Masterclass and that presentation will be happening this coming Friday the 9th of October.

The University of Southampton is the proud home of SUSU TV, the award winning student television station to whom i’ll be giving the talk.

It will be a combined lecture, presentation and interactive demonstration and the aim of which being to give the attendees a mini gold mine of knowledge, tips and techniques.

Before running WOW Video Production I produced a good number of broadcast television series and my specialism was in music television.

Music television is particularly demanding and filming in nightclub environments is one of the toughest environments that you could possibly choose.  With that said, I used to love it and it’ll be great to pass on that which I learned and later perfected for filming in such tough conditions.

In what should be a very packed talk, we’ll cover:

  • Expert picture framing
  • How to choose your shot background
  • Directing presenters – where to look, body positioning and correct microphone technique
  • Choosing & filming the best cutaways to help build your story
  • Professional 3 point interview lighting
  • Sound recording 101
  • Shooting in low light environments
  • Nightclub filming 
  • Moving camera work

SUSU TV already produce some great work, and after the talk it will be very much my hope that they’ll thoroughly clean up in terms of awards at this year’s student television awards.

University of Southampton Video Production Masterclass 2