What Makes A Company “Video Production Specialists”?

The first thing we want to consider is what do we mean by the term “specialists”. It is obvious we are more than adept at video production, our portfolio of projects speaks for itself, but can we honestly and justifiably add the term specialists on to this?

To us here at WOW Video Production, the word specialists means that we focus purely on providing the very best UK video production services. It also means that all our team are of the very highest ability, whether it is your project’s marketing script writer, the expert cameraman or even your project producer who will work with you from concept to delivered video project.

Having built a team of specialists for each of the individual threads and steps of the overall video production project this is why we can confidently state that we are one of the UK’s Video Production Specialists.

Below we will happily elaborate more on these individual elements to prove you are looking in the right place for your corporate video production commissioning.

What Does An Independent PR Agency Have To Say About WOW Video Production Services?

If you click and watch the video above you will hear from Mark Southern who is the Director of an award winning PR agency who specialise in celebrity talent engagement for brands and charities. We have been commissioned by Mark on a number of projects and we think he summarises us fairly well when he says:

WOW Video not only provide exceptional quality, but also a really personal service

His own PR companies reputation is put on the line each and every time he uses an external video production company. Do you think he would trust this valuable work to a company that wasn’t a specialist in video production? Well neither do we…

Specialist Video Production Project Management Software

Gannt Chart

We understand that businesses want to know exactly and clearly what will happen, by whom and to what deadline. It is one of the reasons we have invested in our own project management software that makes the whole pre-production, filming and post production steps as smooth as possible.

Clearly understanding what is expected and needed at every single step means every effort can go in to making the utmost corporate marketing video productions. When fully planning your project, our expert producers will discuss and layout these timescales and your project can then be fully managed through our systems.

A Specialist Video Production Company Would Only Film To The Highest Standards, With The Most Modern Camera Equipment

Sony F55 4K Ultra HD

We have already blogged recently about the importance of only filming in 4K Ultra HD. It still concerns us that in 2015 “so called” specialist video production companies just don’t do this as standard. Why should you pay a premium for what should be an industry standard, future proof offering? The only reason we can think of is these companies just don’t care enough to upgrade their standard equipment – is this a mark of a leading specialist video producing company? We don’t think so…

We also state how important video cameras and other production equipment is in producing the very best business videos or marketing videos. Even on corporate video shoots restrained by budget, we have an alternative solution that still offers a vastly superior picture quality in the all important 4K Ultra HD.

To learn more on our professional video equipment, click here

WOW Video Production Services

Final Video Delivery

We offer a number of unique video production services covering everything from aerial drone filming to comedy and viral video production. Each of these services are equally important to us and we have spent many years delivering the very best services.

Many of these individual services can be wrapped up and combined in to your final video project to ensure it is exactly what you require and most importantly it will deliver for your business.

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