Work Experience

Work experience is incredibly important for anyone who’s serious about working in media and it’s regularly the deciding point of difference betweens candidates.

WOW Video Production has a long running commitment to providing quality work experience opportunities to help new people get into the industry.

All too often media work experience is little more than running errands and making tea. With us, every student who gains a placement is guaranteed the following:

  • Only working on skills building projects
  • First class mentorship from senior team members
  • Continually adding high quality material to their showreel
  • Involvement with a wide range of live projects
  • Working in an excellent, modern agency workplace environment
  • Regular one-to-one appraisals, feedback and guideance

Video Editing

You will need to have at least a beginner’s experience level with Final Cut X. The opportunity is not for learning Final Cut itself, but rather for you to help with live video projects and improve the skills you already have using one of our 27″ iMac edit suites.

Work will include assisting with live projects as well as marketing content.

You will get a 4K Ultra HD original master of each project you work on for your portfolio.

Filming (B-Roll)

You will need to be proficient in camera set up and operation. Opportunities will include filming B-Roll footage on live projects as well as live camera operation on Facebook live video shoots.

You will be able to further develop framing, filming and shot planning skills as well as involvement in a variety of location shoots.

We shoot exclusively in 4K Ultra HD, all equipment is provided and you will get original master copies for your showreel.


Assisting in producing website & social content as well as client marketing campaign planning and delivery.

You will need to have existing basic experience in using Photoshop, experience with WordPress would be advantageous.

Additional training on Photoshop, email marketing and social media management programs available.

Business Development

Identifying and researching individual market opportunities, formulating tailored video product offerings to ultimately bring to market.

Working directly with the CEO you will develop and hone the skill set behind fully bringing a product to market.

Due to the nature of this opportunity it is only open to those who demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial or business development acumen.

How To Apply

Please send an email to: jobs (at)

Please include:

  • Links to your work
  • Cover letter
  • CV

Extra work experience guidance:

Placements from a month up to a year in duration are available with days and times entirely chosen by you.

All of the applicants that we have taken on in the past have proven that they have researched thoroughly who we are as a company and what we do.

In addition, they’ve given solid explanations of what they are hoping to get out of the placement and what they can bring in terms of offering value.

We get a lot of generic requests for work experience as it’s commonly a course requirement to secure a placement.

Generic requests that have been copy & pasted are easy to spot and are instantly discounted.

We invest a lot of senior staff time into mentoring and facilitating work experience placements, which is why we only are interested in speaking with students who are themselves serious about securing a high quality work experience placement.

One final tip… follow up on your application!

You would be surprised as to how few people actually follow up, and truth be told… it’s typically students who do put in that little extra effort who stand out and end up with a placement.

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Student Testimonials

“My work experience at WOW Video Production was an excellent way for me to experience how a client led piece is created, visualised and executed.

My role was a studio assistant which meant that I helped with setting up equipment, amending scripts and other general studio tasks.

The day smooth, informative and exciting to be a part of and I would recommend this to any student or someone wanting to gain more work experience within production.”

Mitch Summers
Television and Broadcasting BSc (Hons), University of Portsmouth

“During my time at WOW Video Production I was given the opportunity to travel to different cities to help assist with live shoots with marketing professionals.

James was extremely helpful and educational – he showed me how to edit content, source clients online, communicate with experts across the phone and social media as well as setting up and filming footage in the green room.

I had such a good experience during my time here and I would definitely recommend WOW Video Production to anyone looking to gain experience in video marketing and industry insight.”

Annie Heno
Media & Journalism BA (Hons), University of the West of England