Update: For the foreseeable future we won’t be offering work experience placements.

Personal note from James Rostance, Director, WOW Video Production:

The virus has led us to making significant changes to the business and the way we operate.

Unfortunately, that’s resulted in us stopping doing work experience for the foreseeable future.

I’ve always been a huge supporter and facilitator of helping others get quality work experience, so whilst I can’t see this changing anytime soon I would still like to offer at least some words of encouragement…

The people who do well in media, and I guess life in general, are those who really focus of finding a way to make things happen, regardless of what ever obstacles you come up against.

If I was in your position and I had to start all over again, the big thing you’ve got right now (nowadays) is that there is a HUGE amount expert content available online for you to study… and for free.

I’ve also seen a LOT of super high quality online courses for a few hundred dollars, so learning by yourself is very much achievable.

Personally, I always felt that my university course was bloated with unnecessary filler.

Actually, it was. I could have learned what I needed in a fraction of the time it took.

Perhaps given the chance to do it all again, I would in which case go for one high quality practical online course in video production, and study it closely.

I’d probably do a few, but doing one to get started is definitely the way.

Once you’ve got the skills I’d then set about carefully choosing local businesses to offer them free production of a video.

You need to produce real content, and you need to build a portfolio.

Who knows, if you do a good job the business might pay you, but that would be a bonus – focus on the bigger picture which is you getting actual  experience and with the a portfolio.

Equipment… for this I’d say you’ve got 3 options.

1: If money’s no problem and most of your friends are on Made In Chelsea, just buy it.

2: Rent the kit for a weekend from someone like https://www.hireacamera.com

Bonus tip: If you hire for a weekend you’ll get slightly reduced rates but if you plan properly, you could film 2 or maybe more businesses for their free videos in that weekend.

3: Use your iPhone as your camera, and just buy a few extras such as a tripod, mic, a light and stabiliser.

It’s crazy that you’ve already got a 4K video camera. Plus, for less than £50 (if you don’t get a light and a stabiliser), you can have a set-up that’s good enough to shoot your first few videos.

There’s a lot to be said in being smart about how you do things.

Think of it this way…

In a few years you’ll be able to look back and say to yourself that even though you couldn’t get work experience anywhere – you didn’t let that stop you, and you shot your first productions on your mobile phone!

And then, because you had a portfolio to get you going – that’s lead to you being successful in your career now.

If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way of making it happen.

And you don’t really need money either, you just need determination and willingness to invest your time.

Be a bad-ass, and make it happen.

You’ll be surprised for what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

All the best, James.

Student Testimonials

“My work experience at WOW Video Production was an excellent way for me to experience how a client led piece is created, visualised and executed.

My role was a studio assistant which meant that I helped with setting up equipment, amending scripts and other general studio tasks.

The day smooth, informative and exciting to be a part of and I would recommend this to any student or someone wanting to gain more work experience within production.”

Mitch Summers
Television and Broadcasting BSc (Hons), University of Portsmouth

“During my time at WOW Video Production I was given the opportunity to travel to different cities to help assist with live shoots with marketing professionals.

James was extremely helpful and educational – he showed me how to edit content, source clients online, communicate with experts across the phone and social media as well as setting up and filming footage in the green room.

I had such a good experience during my time here and I would definitely recommend WOW Video Production to anyone looking to gain experience in video marketing and industry insight.”

Annie Heno
Media & Journalism BA (Hons), University of the West of England