The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun now operate online paywalls for readers.  The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph are also set to implement the same later in the year.

But this is great for PR and Marketing agencies if they are prepared to go that little bit further.

With paywalls in place, the pressure is on for those titles to deliver higher quality content than before implementation.

The main benefit which a newspaper’s online publication offers, is the ability for its readers to watch video. Video of course is the preferred medium for content delivery by online users.

So as an agency, if your news release package includes a video, it’s therefore much more likely to be picked up and run with than if it did not.

Put another way, if an editor has two stories to choose from of seemingly equivalent value. The introduction of their paywall puts pressure on them to choose the story with the video.



Now, the great news for PR & marketing professionals is that in nearly every case a video is very easily produced.

A PR event simply needs a crew to attend and report on what you have already worked hard in putting together the story.

Further depth can be added by using a presenter to interview subjects, celebrities and spokespeople.

A typical setup is to have a cameraman and an interviewer. However, where budgets are restricted a cameramen who can film and conduct interviews themselves is the perfect solution.


With a fresh approach to production which leverages technology, videos can be turned around within 24hrs or even on the same day.

Doing so either requires footage to be edited by a video production company on site immediately after filming. Or it involves footage to be sent back to the production facility digitally, for editing to begin a few hours later.

So with the addition of a video to your news release package, your story stands to have a much wider audience reach than before. And of course, it’s much more likely to be picked up and run with in the first place.

One quick extra tip with regard to staying within budget and maximising profitability, is to use camera crews local to where the filming needs to take place.

Because travel costs include milage as well as the time spent traveling, using the nearest crew means you are not paying for unnecessary expenses.



With 54 camera crews nationwide across the UK, we specialise in providing agencies with an on-demand fast turnaround video production service.

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