Why Schools & Colleges Should Plan Extra Curricular Crowdfunding Campaigns

FundEd – Crowdfunding Magazine Feature

Crowdfunding is an excellent source of finance for business but also, schools and colleges.

The education sector has made great use of this route to extra funding over recent years and FundEd is the regular print publication dedicated to that sector.

At the core of any crowdfunding campaign is a crowdfunding video so it was nice to be able to share some expertise with readers of the magazine.

Primarily the feature was an opportunity to give teachers and their leadership a good overview of the production process, considerations and advice for production as well as decent pointers for steering their campaign and video towards success.

At a higher level however it was my hope that this article would also inspire schools and colleges to rise to the challenge of creating a crowdfunding campaign and raising money to invest in a worthy project.

Since then I realised that actually, in addition to raising money for buy a new widget or improving a feature there is a very good reason for, and side benefit to schools executing a crowdfunding campaign….

When I was at school Business Studies was easily my favourite subject, but unfortunately it only accounted for a few hours each week.

And because of that, the opportunity to do anything business or marketing related was severely limited.

I have always been of the strong opinion that work experience one of the most valuable things a person can learn and benefit from, in fact… that’s exactly why we have one of the most comprehensive work experience programmes in country for students wanting to get into video production; https://wowvideoproduction.co.uk/video-production-work-experience

FundEd Magazine

The Extra Benefit

All of which led me to realise that if a school or college set about creating and executing a crowdfunding campaign, not only could they raise the money for what they need. But if they did it as an extra curricular project, that would provide students with an incredible opportunity to get involved with a bona fide commercial project.

I’m sure you’d agree that if you read on an applicant’s CV that they were instrumental in a marketing campaign to successfully raise £9,670 to improve safety at the school gates, that would be a major plus for several reasons:

  • Being solid practical ‘real world’ experience
  • A genuine demonstration of them being committed to their career path
  • Invaluable experience in working as part of a team to deliver tangible business results
  • Developing their business and marking acumen

When you think about it, it’s rare for a universally excellent opportunity such as this to be available. In conclusion, I would highly recommend and encourage schools and colleges to make a concerted effort to:

  1. Draw up a short list of what they would like to have funded
  2. Appoint a leadership team to head the initiative as an extra curricular activity
  3. Set a first meeting date & announce it to students

We can provide a ‘cameraman only’ service for anyone who would like additional help, please do get in contact to discuss.

And if you would like to see our latest crowdfunding videos for inspiration, click here: https://wowvideoproduction.co.uk/kickstarter-crowdfunding-video-production