Businesses crave to communicate authenticity and sincerity in their marketing endeavours. The reason for that is to engender trust and respect from potential customers.

As with most things, there is usually a blindingly simple way to do which you are after.

In this case, the answer is to have your real customers recount their experience with you.

Naturally, you have happy customers.

On the customer satisfaction scale that will vary from satisfied, to very happy, to a raving fan who’s had your logo tattooed upon their person.

Where ever in the scale your customers are, and how many there are…. you will have happy customers.

So rather than you tell new prospective customers how great you are – let those real people do the job for you!



Video testimonials – a genuine on-line marketing tool

It’s so much more believable hearing how your service helped them, in their own words. Than it is from your expertly crafted official ‘marketing speak’.

We all use the internet to do our research before making a purchasing decision.

And the reason why review sites are so popular, is because people value the opinions of others.

The most valuable opinions, are of those people you already know.

And when the opinions of those close to us are not available, the opinions of others are readily welcomed and generally respected.

The following applies to many areas of business….

But if you can make your customer or potential customer’s life easier, they will thank you for it.

So rather than present them with testimonials to read. Give them the same, powerful and compelling content in the form of video.

Reading website copy for the larger part is a chore, and whilst reading on mobile devices and mobile phones has improved…. Video is the preferred medium for content delivery by users.

The great thing about video testimonials is that producing them is not a complicated affair.

The lack of complication also means that the cost of producing them is easily affordable, even for small businesses.

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