Very highly tanned clubbers

Too much of anything can turn into a disaster. From fake tan to video production techniques, the principle is the same.

Animating text within a video is a technique. However the temptation to over-apply, just as with fake tan, has become somewhat of an epidemic.

You will no doubtably have already seen this technique online. Words, statistics, facts and figures animating, swirling and appearing in a variety of cool variations.

The concept is fine to communicate key information, in the right place, sparingly.  But the reason for me sharing this with you now, is off the back of having seen a truly dreadful company introduction video for a marketing agency!



As a decision maker, I’ve just been flipping through websites, trying to find a match for the type of agency that I’m after.

One agency’s website that I’ve just visited has one of these animated text videos as the main focus of attention on its home page.

The rule of thumb is that you’ve around 10 seconds to hook a person’s interest and to keep them watching.

Yet this marketing agency squanders a whole 38 seconds with an array of generic, meaningless buzzwords such as accountable, creative and passionate (they omitted original perhaps for obvious reasons).

It’s then followed by a point that they have employees all over the world, and a client list.

I actually closed the tab after about 20 seconds. However, it was my frustration and bemusement which prompted me to revisit their website in order to publish this.

First of all, generic, meaningless buzzword waffle are exactly that.

And who cares where their employees are based?

It’s a terrible wasted opportunity for a pitch.



The problem with animated text is that it’s the slowest method of communication anything.

The viewer has to take the effort to read. And because it’s animated – they have to pay even closer attention.

In a world where attention spans are limited, and especially if you are trying to impress and hook the interest of decision maker who’s time is perhaps even more precious. As a company introduction pitch video, it really stands out as a terrible choice for a medium of delivery.

The power that video has is that it makes communication easy.

A viewer has to simply sit back, watch and listen!

By carefully balancing what is shown along with what is said, you can communicate incredibly effectively in the shortest space of time possible.

Now, that’s not to say that a video has to be fast paced and ‘in your face’.

You can be very effective whilst still retaining style and pace to suit.

All that is required, is careful planning as to how you’ll achieve that.

So the moral of the story is to always use a professional.

And if you do insist on doing it yourself, use sparingly!

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