White board animations were incredibly engaging when they first came out and for a good while after.

However, they are now so over used in budget marketing videos that the ‘wow this is new’ factor which was responsible for locking in viewers’ attention to begin with is now long gone and so to is their captivating effect.

Whiteboard Video Animation

In the present day, whiteboard animations are seen for what they really are – a low budget alternative to making a proper video. 

When fashions and crazes sky rocket, they also crash badly when they’re exhausted. This is the case with whiteboard video animations and is the same reason why they should simply be avoided at all costs in marketing videos from now on.

If you need to produce a video on a particularly low budget you may wish to consider some of the following options:

1: A shorter script

Because whiteboard videos were so easy to produce script writers tended to get carried away and took 30” seconds to say what could really be said in just 10” seconds.

So what was previously a 3’00 minute white board video could, with better script writing be a much more digestible 1’30.

2: Animated explainer

A simple animated explainer video can be produced for essentially the same cost as a white board video. Animation styles can be cartoon like and informal, or more toward bluechip and corporate.

So in addition to being able to choose your own style, you also avoid the kryptonite of the video marketing world – animated whiteboard videos.

Animated Explainer Video

3: Gun & Run shot-in-one day special

With careful planning and one day’s filming you can film any or all of the following:

  • CEO or key staff member pieces to camera introducing your product or service
  • Customer testimonial interviews
  • Footage of your product being made or service prepared for
  • Footage of your product being used or service delivered

Animated Explainer Video

If you are indeed looking to have your video marketing produced to a tight budget then certain sacrifices such as music, animated titles, colour grading and fine-fine tuning of your video will have to be made.

But if it’s simply a case of you need a video to get the core message across well, then if you follow the “80% is good enough rule” then any of the two options for production mentioned above